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In order to attend Sycamore Covenant Academy (SCA), students who have never taken classes at SCA before need to have their parents fill out this application form, submit it to the Administrative Team of SCA, and receive approval before registering for classes.  There is no cost to apply.  Because of our high moral standards, theological doctrines, and educational philosophy, we want to be sure that families are fully aware of the environment we are seeking to create and maintain at SCA before they attend.  We reserve the right to deny admission to those opposed to these commitments or for other factors such as maintaining proper class size, failure to pay tuition, etc.  Please fill out this form, sign and date, and give to Shawn Anderson, or send to Sycamore RPC, 300 E. Mulberry St., Kokomo, IN, 46901.  If you have any questions, please contact Shawn Anderson at 854-0850, or e-mail at

You will be informed as promptly as possible regarding your admission.





Download the form below if you would like to be considered for enrollment into Sycamore Covenant Academy.

SCA Application


Sycamore Covenant Academy
300 East Mulberry Street, Kokomo, IN 46901
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