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Below the classes for the 2014-15 school year are described.Since Sycamore Covenant Academy is a home school cooperative, the books for each class are to be ordered by the parents. We have found that home school parents are resourceful and usually get good deals, find used books, or borrow from a friend much more cheaply than when SCA orders the books for them. Please be sure to order them in time for the first classes.

Advanced Biology: This course is an in-depth look at the 11 major body systems, how those systems exhibit efficiency, and how they integrate perfectly with one another. The human body is the Lord's ultimate design achievement! In our labs we will do experiments to demonstrate various aspects of anatomy and physiology use the microscope to study tissue samples, and dissect a cow's eye, a cow's heart, and a fetal pig. Prerequisites: Grade of A or B in both Biology and Chemistry.

Algebra I: Students will study the relationships of numbers in the abstract by performing calculations involving letters and symbols and will gain a concrete appreciation for the orderly world in which we live. Note: This course is open to students in grades 8-12.

Algebra II: Students will continue in Algebra learning how to solve equations with higher degrees and fractional expressions, graphing parabolic and higher-degreed functions, and many other wonderful skills. Prerequisite: Geometry

Biology: Students will learn vocabulary and basic information about organisms and their classifications. They will be required to keep a lab manual and participate in labs which include dissections and the use of a microscope. Special attention will be given to presenting this from a creation worldview and avoiding evolutionary assumptions.

British Literature: This course offers a survey of British Literature from its origins to the 21st century. Students will read and discuss literature and write analytical essays. This course is for the student who possesses skills in reading difficult vocabulary and who shows maturity in discussing academic themes. Prerequisite: American Literature, or Introduction to Literature (optional completion of Windows to the World: An Introduction to Literary Analysis by Lesha Myers from Institute for Excellence in Writing.)

Church History Survey II: Helping our children see how the Lord worked in history is essential to building their faith. This class will be the second year of a two-year survey in seeing God’s work from the early church to modern times. This class begins with a review of the Reformation and continues to the church in America. This course is available to any student; completion of Church History Survey I course is not a prerequisite. Note: This class is available for either junior high or high school credit with grade-appropriate assignments.

Geography: Learn not only place names but their importance from a Biblical worldview. Note: This class is available for either junior high or high school credit with grade-appropriate assignments.

Geometry: Seeing the orderliness of the shapes and relationships around us and learning the skills of analytical thinking and congruency are important to living in God’s world.

Introduction to Literature: This course is an introduction to high-school level literature and composition. Students will study the genres of literature including short story, poetry, novel, and drama. Students will also refine paragraph-writing and grammatical/mechanical skills and will practice developing analytical essays and research writing.

Latin I: Students will learn the Latin language including the structure and grammar. They will also learn vocabulary, Roman history, culture and mythology. Note: This course is open to students in grade 8-12.

OT Survey II: This course continues from OT I, surveying Wisdom and Prophetic books of the OT. Students will learn about their authors, setting, etc., but will pay particular attention to how Christ is revealed in the OT. Completion of OT Survey I is not a prerequisite.

Physics: Begin to understand the beautiful patterns that God has built into the universe. We’ll focus on such things as matter and motion, mechanics, heat, light, electricity, and sound. This course will be mathematically rigorous, emphasizing problem solving, experimentation and conceptual understanding. Prerequisite: Algebra II.

World History:This World History course will focus on the history of the world with a focus on God’s providence as he deals with men and nations.


Church History Survey II: (See description above)

Jr. High Writing: This course is an introduction to writing. You will practice using language effectively, writing sentences and paragraphs, outlining, and refining grammatical/mechanical skills. You will also develop simple literary analysis and begin writing short essays.



Download the course schedule for the Fall 2014 semester below.

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